The research is on Tongan women talking about the impact of gender and culture on their leadership journeys in New Zealand.  


The exegesis critically examines the creative product in the light of contemporary theory and practice and the website provides a platform to view the online documentary and supporting interviews. 

This document covers all aspects of the filming process which involves the relationships and interactions with the participants, careful decisions around the choice of angles and cameras used in the filming process, editing the raw footage and the final cut.  


It details the process the researcher undertook using both traditional and non-traditional methodologies, which includes talanoa (an indigenous Tongan methodology) and participatory visual methodological approaches, which initially involved a mix of reflexive video and written diaries, alongside semi-structured interviews and a semi-structured focus group as data collection methods and explores the influence of identity and the relationships between gender and culture for Tongan women living in New Zealand and their connection to leadership.  


This thesis is a creative project consisting of an online documentary, a website tool and an exegesis.

Sita Selupe - CEO, Rise Up Academy