The New Zealand Census of Women's Participation (2012) showed women held 14.75% of directorships in New Zealand's top 100 listed companies. This and the fact that there are very few Tongan women sitting in governance roles of major organisations and a general interest in gender diversity especially from the female perspective was one of the reasons for doing this research. 

What does leadership mean to you?


The United Nations refers to gender as the social attributes and opportunities associated with being male and female and the relationships between women, men and girls and boys.  The women were asked about how the impact of gender on their leadership journeys.

How has gender impacted our leadership in New Zealand?


There are currently 60,333 Tongan people living in New Zealand, which makes up 1.5% of the total population.  This research looks at how culture has impacted on the leadership journeys of six Tongan women in Auckland.

How has culture impacted your leadership journey in New Zealand?


One of the themes that emerged during this research was on identity.  Six Tongan women were asked how they see themselves.

How do you identify yourself?

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During the talanoa sessions, the participant women explored the main themes of this research: culture, gender and leadership.  These clips are taken directly from the documentary on the themes which also includes identity.